Big Red returns to Philly

That picture looks weird, doesn’t it? The most highly anticipated night of the season is here. Andy Reid has made his way back to Philadelphia only about nine months after he lost his job as Eagles head coach. Now, he’s trying to turn around a Chiefs team that had the worst record in the league … Continue reading

Eagles hang on for a victory in opening game

Everybody catch their breath yet? That was one of the most fun football games I can remember. At least right up until the Eagles defense decided to stop covering the Washington receivers and let them back into the game. The final score was 33-27, but it felt a lot more dominant than that. Washington only … Continue reading

Are you ready for some Eagles football?

The wait for what could be the most intriguing Eagles’ season in years is almost over. A lot has changed since the last time the Birds took the field, and if nothing else, this season will be different. With the franchise turning the page, there’s plenty of reasons to be excited about. However, if the … Continue reading


The Curious Case of Jim Thome

by Alex Young There might not be a more universally loved baseball player than Jim Thome. He is a god in every city he’s played in from Cleveland to Chicago to Philly. An argument could be made that he saved baseball in Philadelphia. When he came here as a free agent, it finally felt like … Continue reading

from the Bleacher Report

A trip down memory lane

by Alex Young Gather ’round kids, I’m going to tell you a tale. A tale of the last time the Philadelphia Phillies finished last in the National League East. The year was 2000. We had all just survived Y2K and were excited to live on the frontier of the future, the New Millenium. Surely we … Continue reading


The Phillies after a quarter

by Alex Young Major League Baseball recently passed its quarter mark of the season. After 45 games played the Phillies sit at a disappointing 26-25 and four games out of first place. The offense has struggled to score runs with out Chase Utley and Ryan Howard and the stellar starting rotation has felt the pressure … Continue reading


The Big Cheese: Hunter Pence

by Alex Young In the top of the ninth inning, it looked like Hunter Pence was on track for the Big STINK. After hitting his eighth home run of the season earlier in the game, Pence booted a ground ball, allowing the Astros to tie the game with two outs. The error spoiled a great … Continue reading


The 76ers, playoff series winners

by Alex Young It’s been a long time since those two things were used in the same sentence. In fact, I was 14 the last time it happened and Allen Iverson wasn’t even bankrupt or anything. All jokes aside, this is awesome for the Sixers. When I was younger, Iverson was in his prime and … Continue reading


It’s all over

by Alex Young Another promising Flyers’ season was snuffed last night at the hands of the New Jersey Devils. After getting a 1-0 lead in the first period, the Flyers once again let it slip away, and with it any chance they still had at winning their first Stanley Cup in 37 years. I could … Continue reading

He’s Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack

Cliff Lee is off the DL and will start, for what seems like the first first time in month, tonight against the Mets. Hopefully he can provide a spark to a reeling team.