It’s all over


by Alex Young

Another promising Flyers’ season was snuffed last night at the hands of the New Jersey Devils. After getting a 1-0 lead in the first period, the Flyers once again let it slip away, and with it any chance they still had at winning their first Stanley Cup in 37 years.

I could go on and on about how they didn’t live up to expectations or how they were again completely outplayed in the second round, but you no doubt have heard it all by now. For a season that was supposed to be different, it sure did end familiarly.

In the offseason, the Flyers dumped their underachieving star centers and finally splurged on a top-notch goalkeeper. But once again in the second round, their stars didn’t show up and their goalie looked over his head.

They continue to look like a team with no Plan B. Once they spent their energy beating the Penguins, they were done. They barely showed a molecule of the same fight against the Devils that they showed in round one.

I’m just super bummed about the loss, especially considering how the playoffs started. There was a couple of games there were it looked like the Flyers might have a shot at the cup. When they went down against the Pens, I always had a feeling they would come back. And they did. When they went down against the Devils, I would hope they would come back but they never did.

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