Eagles hang on for a victory in opening game


Everybody catch their breath yet?

That was one of the most fun football games I can remember. At least right up until the Eagles defense decided to stop covering the Washington receivers and let them back into the game.

The final score was 33-27, but it felt a lot more dominant than that. Washington only started making their comeback after the Eagles took their foot off the pedal. If the Birds are going to score quick like they did last night, they will have to find a balance so that they can put teams away after getting a big lead.

The Eagles’ first half Monday was pure magic, while Washington’s was somewhat comical. If it wasn’t for a fumble return touchdown that probably should have been overturned by review, Washington would have gone into the locker room with a big ole’ goose egg.

There were times in the first half when the Eagles looked unstoppable. LeSean McCoy racked up over 100 yards rushing, and DeSean Jackson hooked up with Michael Vick for over 100 yards receiving before the break. Vick looked sharp for the most part, connecting with Jackson and Brent Celek for two first-half touchdown passes. He dove through a huge hole  near the goal line to put the Eagles up 26-7 just before halftime.

The defense looked dominant, even if it was with a lot of help from a rusty Ribery Griffin III and the Washington offense. They forced a fumble, intercepted a pass and scored a safety all while holding Washington offense scoreless in the first half.

The Eagles came back for one more encore in the third quarter, Shady scored on a 34-yard run and I was wondering when they would Bring in Nick Foles and the second team. But from that point on, it was a different game. From there, it was hold on for dear life.

The offense started sputtering as they slowed down just a bit, and Washington began clawing their way back. The horrendous secondary finally showed its true colors as Griffin hit pass after pass to wide-open receivers. Patrick Chung badly misplayed a pass into the end zone letting it go over his outstretched fingertip and into the hands of Leonard Hankerson for a score that brought Washington to within six points of the lead with just over a minute left in the game.

On the ensuing onside kick, my heart stopped when I saw the ball lying on the ground for anyone to grab. Somehow, the Eagles got it and I could breath again for the first time in four hours.

The Eagles flashed some real potential Monday night and proved, as everyone expected, that they will be the most exciting team in the NFL this year.


Shady averaged nearly 6 yards per carry in the opener against Washington. For a while it looked like defense couldn’t even touch McCoy as constantly left Washington players in his wake. His 31 carries were a career high and his 184 yards made him the NFL’s leading rusher. Just watch these insane GIFs of Shady here.

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