The Big Cheese: Hunter Pence


by Alex Young

In the top of the ninth inning, it looked like Hunter Pence was on track for the Big STINK. After hitting his eighth home run of the season earlier in the game, Pence booted a ground ball, allowing the Astros to tie the game with two outs.

The error spoiled a great start by Cliff Lee who struck out 10 and allowed only one run in eight innings. Another bad inning late for the Phillies looked like it might spell the end of their two-game win streak.

Well, ole’ Hunter made up for his buffoonery  by cracking a walk-off, solo home run in the bottom of the 10th off former Phillie and goatee enthusiast, Brett Myers.

With that dinger, the Phillies won three straight and four of their last five. Five games against the Padres and Astros is the perfect cure for a struggling ball club. The bats look like they’re coming to life. The starting rotation was always there. If the bullpen and defense ever catches up, the Phillies might have a shot at making a dent in Atlanta’s five-game division lead even before they get Chase Utley and Ryan Howard back.

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