Flyers Game 5: Must Win

by Alex Young

This series has not gone as planned. Coming off the Penguins series, the Flyers were just that. They were flying high. They had gotten over the hump of winning as the underdog, the beating the Crosby led Pens and doing so resoundingly. They could not have played better or looked tougher doing it. Then round two came.

After winning a close game 1 in overtime, the Flyers have played flat against the Devils. The fight that really made them stand out in round 1 is gone. They have been getting pushed around and legitimately dominated by New Jersey.

Their incredible power play. Gone. Their strong forecheck. Gone. Pretty much everything the Flyers did well in round one, they are now doing poorly and they are on the brink of elimination because of it. And they will face said elimination on Tuesday night without their best player.

Claude Giroux

From the beginning of this series I thought it was important that the Flyers didn’t get frustrated. It had more to do with keeping the pressure on Marty Broduer if he made some big saves. We haven’t really had to worry about that because Broduer has had it pretty easy. He only faced four shots in the second period of game 4.

The frustration has manifested in other ways in the series, most notably with Claude Giroux.

It was a stupid penalty and Giroux and the Flyers are going to pay for it in game 5 because he was suspended for one game for his hit on Dainius Zubrus.

He absolutely deserved the suspension and he really should have known better. For a player who his coach called the best player in the world not three weeks ago, it a seriously bone-headed play. A promising postseason has quickly turned south for Giroux and the Flyer. If his team can’t pull together and gut-out a game 5 win, Claude Giroux could have a long summer.


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