Keys to Flyers-Devils


by Alex Young

The wait is over. Round two starts today at 2 p.m. It’s the Flyers vs the Devils for the right to play in the Eastern Conference Finals. These are the keys to a Flyers victory.

5. No let-down, no looking forward. The series against the Penguins was huge. It was the first time that the Flyers beat Pittsburgh in the playoffs in the Crosby Era. They battled for six emotional games and finally won. It’s important that they stay focused because the Devils won’t give them time to adjust to a new series.

It’s also just as important that the Flyers don’t look ahead to the next round where they might play the Rangers. New York is clearly the toughest team that the Flyers will have to face in the Eastern Conference, but they have to win against New Jersey to even get to the Rangers.

4. Keep up the power-play. The Flyers set a record for power-play goals in the first round against Pittsburgh with 12 goals. They scored in more than half of their power play chances. That’s huge. If a team gifts them a man advantage, they have to pounce. If the Flyers continue their stellar power play scoring, they will beat the Devils.

3. Don’t let Marty frustrate you. In the two games the Penguins beat the Flyers, Marc Andre-Fleury looked like a top goalie. With every puck he  stopped, the less likely it looked that the Flyers would score. Fleury is a cup-winning goalie, but Martin Broduer is arguably the best goalie of all time. Marty might be older, but he still has the ability to win games on his own. The Flyers can’t get frustrated. They have to keep putting pressure on the Devils and the goals will come.

2. G. Don’t think this needs much explanation. Claude Giroux was the best player in the Pittsburgh series. If that happens again, it means good things for the Flyers.

1. Ilya Bryzgalov must be humongous  big.  Bryz was good when he had to be against the Penguins, but if he has more games like game 4 and less like game 6, this promising cup run will be over. He has to find the consistency he has struggled to maintain all season in order for the Flyers to get to the next round. If not, it might mean death penalty for the Flyboys.

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