The Big Cheese: Claude Giroux


by Alex Young

It took few games longer than most Flyers fans wanted, a few periods more than their hearts could handle, but the Flyers finally put away the Penguin for good with a 5-1 win on Sunday. They dominated the Penguins for 60 minutes and today’s Big Cheese, Claude Giroux, made it clear from the opening drop that it would be the Flyers’ night.

In what is sure to become part of Flyers’ lore, Giroux demanded that he get the starting shift, “The Shift Heard ‘Round the World.”

The puck dropped, and Giroux wanted to hit someone. Five seconds later, Sidney Crosby lay on the ice, a victim of Giroux’s  blood lust. He later he said that he wasn’t out for Crosby, but it couldn’t have worked out better for the Flyers. Crosby went into a shell for the whole game, a complete non-factor.

Not even 30 seconds later, the Flyers forced a turnover near the Penguins zone. The puck fell to Giroux. He dropped off his mark and fired home one of the prettiest goals of the series. The game was just 32 seconds old. It might as well have been over.

With that goal, the Wells Fargo Center exploded, Giroux’s celebration only fired them up more. It was only a matter of time until Scott Hartnell pounced on a second goal, set up by you by guessed it, G. Game over.

After the game, Peter Laviolette called Giroux the best player in the world. With the performance he gave yesterday, it’s hard to argue with the coach.


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