The Big Cheese: Cliff Lee


by Alex Young

This is the first edition of The Cheesesteak’s Big Cheese Award, presented to the best Philadelphia Athlete from the previous day.

The first winner of the Big Cheese really deserves it, because the performance Cliff Lee gave last night should have earned him more than a no decision.

In last night’s game against the Giants, Cliff Lee became the first pitcher since Bret Saberhagen in 1993 to pitch 10 scoreless innings and his team still lost.

Lee made it through 10 innings with just 102 pitches. He struck out seven and gave up only seven hits. It was by far his best outing so in this young season. It should have been his first win.

It was unlucky for Lee, and the rest of the Phillies, that Matt Cain was just as good. Maybe even better. Although he only pitched nine innings, he matched Lee pitch for pitch. The Phillies only managed two hits against Cain, learning the hard way that you can’t win with zero.

But don’t worry Cliff, you may not have gotten your first win but you did get your first Big Cheese.

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