Jamie Moyer: True gentleman of sport

from espn.com

by Alex Young

Former Phillies Jamie Moyer became the oldest pitcher to win a game in Major League Baseball. At 49 years-young, Moyer pitched seven strong innings, scattering six hits and giving up two earned runs as the Rockies beat the Padres, 5-3. Pitching to players who are, in many cases, half his age, Moyer showed no signs of slowing down (Can a fastball go slower than  79 mph?)

Although he only pitched in Philadelphia for three-plus years, he will go down as a great in this city. He arrived late in 2006 just as the team was poised to make the break to the big time. When he left after the 2010 season, the Phillies had become a powerhouse. Moyer’s leadership and pitching knowledge played a big part in that.

Moyer wears the number 50 because he wants to pitch in the Majors when he’s 50 years old. He turns 50 this November, so he would have to make a team for next season. What reason would anyone have to think he wouldn’t?

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