The West Coast stinks


by Alex Young

For a 23-year-old, I am a very old man. I like scotch, reading actual newspapers, and going to sleep early. If I don’t get eight hours of sleep, I wake up in a bad mood. That’s great for when I would have class,or now work, early in the morning. This is not great for when the Phillies go on West Coast road trips and their games don’t start until after 10 at night.

One of the best things about being a baseball fan is knowing that when 7:05 rolls around everyday, there’s a game on. It’s really something I look forward to all day. But I always dread when that one week comes along in the season, you know the one. Three games in LA, three in San Diego and three in San Francisco. Well, that week came early as the Phillies started a West Coast road trip with a game against the Giants last night. While I didn’t go to sleep until 11, I still managed to miss the start of the game because I simply forgot it was on.

I went to sleep not knowing what happened at all in the game. When I woke up, I ran to my computer to find that I missed a 4-run, first inning outburst. I missed Doc staring down the umpire and dominating Tim Lincecum and the Giants with an eight inning, two earned run gem. I missed what sounded like a pretty good game all because Major League Baseball has to have teams in California.

The only solution short of moving all those teams into more Easterly time zones is to schedule the games earlier. Instead of starting at 7:05 Pacific time, start them at 4. That way, I can watch my favorite team’s games. I’m pretty sure Californians don’t like baseball anyway.

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