Ozzie Guillen and his big mouth

by Alex Young

What other excuse would Ozzie Guillen have to say something stupid like “I love Fidel Castro,” other than that he also loves being suspended. What did he expect to happen? Did he think that everyone would just laugh and forget about it? Something like this might have gone unnoticed in Chicago, but not in Miami, still home to many who had to flee Cuba because of Castro. Guillen is lucky that he still has a job. His team might not be as lucky. They are stuck with the guy.

Guillen was the big name coach that the Marlins picked to guide the team through their first season in a fancy new stadium and their first solely representing the city of Miami. This was not the best way to start a rebirth.

While his suspension will last only five games, the circus surrounding this story is unlikely to leave town when at the same time the suspension ends. The last thing a young team that hopes to contend needs is to be distracted by a story completely unrelated to baseball.

On the other hand, this is all (hopefully) great news for the Phillies who get to play against the Marlins for two more games in Philly this week. I’ll be at the game tomorrow to see if Roy Halladay can have a repeat of his  two-hit, Opening Day masterpiece in Pittsburgh last week, and Cliff Lee is on the mound on Thursday. They could very well take advantage of a distracted team and rebound from their three-game losing streak to get out of the series with a .500 record.

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