Oh wait, are the Sixers still playing?

by Alex Young

What happened to the Sixers? It started as the most exciting season in recent memory, but any momentum the team got in the first two months is now gone. As baseball season and hockey playoffs begin, the Sixers are fading fast. Both in the standings and in the Philadelphia spotlight.

After a 20-9 start, the Sixers have gone 9-18. They’ve lost seven of their last 10 and four straight. They went from having a tight grip on the Atlantic division title and the three seed in the East to being just a game and a half  from missing the playoffs entirely. They could finish in a worse spot than they did last year, when they grabbed the seventh seed with no expectations.

They went from battling the big teams like the Celtics and the Magic for home-court advantage, to battling the Milwaukee Bucks for the right to lose to the Bulls in the first round. The Bucks? Really? Is that even a team anymore?

There are only two ways for teams to improve in the NBA. You have to either clear cap space so you can sign a marquee free agent, or you can be terrible to get really good rookie high in the draft. Thanks to the Sixers’ past attempts to get big free agents (Elton Brand) there’s no room to sign new ones, so people are calling for the team to tank games to improve their chances in the draft. The sad thing is that they probably don’t to try to lose games, they can just continue doing what they’re doing.

The Sixers play the first game of their final 10 tonight against the Nets, a pitiful sham of a team that of course handed the Sixers a humiliating loss earlier this season. The Sixers should still make the playoffs but is that what this team really needs? Another first-round loss will do nothing for a team that’s been a joke in this city for a long time. Should they tank? No way. But this team had a chance to do so much more. Now, they’re just lost in a busy spring sports schedule.

One Response to “Oh wait, are the Sixers still playing?”
  1. Steven Jeffries says:

    Yea…they kinda faded. Too bad they “looked down” and saw how far they could fall!

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